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Chart Your Course.  Achieve Your Educational Goals.

Gain expert, strategic help. Reduce stress and uncertainty.
Personalized support at every step.
Serving college and graduate school clients locally, nationally and internationally

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  We support you at every step of your admissions "journey." We take a highly personalized partnership approach that equips you to be intentional, strategic and open to possibilities.  You can navigate the college "journey" with clarity, creativity and confidence — from identifying your strengths and interests to defining your goals, from selecting schools and recommenders to brainstorming and crafting essays.  Applying to college should be a rewarding process of self-discovery.


Ready to take the next step in your education and career? Graduate school is a significant commitment. Whether you've been forever planning to earn an advanced degree or recently discovered now is the right time to pivot, we'll help you to develop and execute an application strategy that reflects your accomplishments, core values and career goals. In addition to strategic assessments of your candidacy, we offer career coaching, resume feedback and interview preparation.


No two clients are alike. 

Clients entrust us to help them gain admission to schools where they will thrive.   

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clients' experiences in achieving their educational dreams.  

Our Advantage.  Your Advantage.

Invest in Your Future


Now is the time to invest in achieving your educational goals and your future.  We serve as your dedicated partner, enabling you to navigate the admissions process with greater clarity and confidence...and better results.


There’s no set formula for gaining admissions to your “dream school.”  Nor is there a prescribed playbook for creating your path.  Our goal is to help you to put your best (admissions) foot forward:

  • Plan ahead while remaining open to possibilities

  • Make informed choices. Discern between conflicting advice, myth vs. opinion vs. fact

  • Act with intention

  • Effectively communicate your values, interests, goals and personal qualities


Selective schools take a “holistic” approach to evaluating applicants – this means that you’ll be evaluated on more than test scores, transcripts and resume.  In fact, admissions committees consider your activities, interests, goals, and other factors. They really do want to get to know the "real you."


Personalized Guidance and Coaching


You may be wondering:

  • What does it mean to “be authentic”?

  • How can you plan ahead, evaluate tradeoffs and manage uncertainty?  

  • What if you don’t know exactly what you want to learn and do and experience at school and in life?

  • When you receive conflicting advice, how do you discern myth from opinion from fact?

  • What differentiates a compelling vs. competitive applicant?

We partner with you at every step of your admissions journey, enabling you to answer these questions and to develop your strongest application.  Our methodology includes self-reflection exercises, brainstorming, research, lots of feedback, and a blend of academic, writing and life coaching. As your dedicated consultant, we wear multiple hats: coach, trusted advisor, advocate, sounding board, strategist.  


More than ever, gaining a coherent and strategic yet flexible, personalized and (yes) enjoyable path is an investment in yourself and your future.  You will gain personalized, in-depth support throughout the process.

Member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC).  




Strategic Admissions Consulting

Palo Alto, California

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