• Dione Chen

Featured: My Business Case Study on Leadership Transitions and Diversity at Code2040

Updated: Sep 14

A business case study I wrote for Stanford's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies on CEO transitions, nonprofit leadership and diversity has been featured by the Case Centre. In this article, I discuss why it's important to provide business students with examples of leadership by diverse people. I co-wrote the case with Fern Mandelbaum, a Stanford Graduate Business School lecturer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The case has been taught in multiple business school courses and is the second of two about Code2040. It follows Laura Weidman Powers, CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit, launched to provide pathways for black and LatinX college students to succeed in the tech industry. The election of President Trump resulted in near-devastating impact on support for Code2040 and the organization's staff. This case studies provides personal and candid insights of how one founder and CEO grapples with leadership and organizational crises. I was inspired by the honesty and commitment of the founders, staff and board members who I interviewed in writing this case. This Stanford Graduate School of Business case is available through the Case Centre and Harvard Business Review Store.

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