Graduate School/MBA Consulting



No two clients are the same. 

We provide highly individual, personalize support that enables you to stand out as a compelling applicant. 

We are proud to work with all types of applicants.​

  • Range of top graduate school programs. 

  • Strategies to address traditional and uncommon backgrounds and career pathways, low GPA/test scores

  • US and international  applicants

Comprehensive & Hourly Plans

Working with an MBA/Graduate School admissions consultant is a true partnership. We will enable you to navigate the admissions process with greater clarity, confidence and certainty. 

Our goal is to enable you to succeed in gaining admission to schools that will match your learning style, academic profile and educational and career aspirations, as well as consider other important factors, such as cost, location, school size and culture.  


Personalized Guidance and Coaching

You will gain personalized, in-depth guidance on how to reduce stress, uncertainty and confusion in applying to MBA/graduate school programs. During sessions, you will be encouraged to clarify your values, passions and goals, to identify core strengths, and to identify those stories that differentiate competitive applicants from compelling ones.

Admissions Consulting Services

You will discover how to communicate the strongest picture of yourself to an admission committee. In the process, you will learn about yourself – your core strengths and values, talents and personal qualities.  I will provide you with a written application strategy, exercises and templates to inspire and guide you in your admissions “journey.”

 School Research & Targeting

  • Insights into the admissions process and a review of admissions criteria.

  • Identification and recommendation of a range of target schools -- including “Reach,” “Target” and “Likely” based on a holistic evaluation of your profile.

Admissions Strategy & Application Management

  • Creation of a timeline for completion of all facets of applications, including tests, essay writing, recommendations and applications.

  • Evaluation of whether to apply early decision to particular schools.

  • Refinement of personal career narrative (short, medium and long-term career goals and paths).

Essays – Accomplishments Summary – Interview Preparation

  • Brainstorming, strategy and individual counseling in identifying and selecting topics.

  • Guidance in developing outlines for essays.

  • Feedback and both high-level and expert editing of all essays and short answers to enable you to convey unique perspectives and accomplishments with authenticity and confidence.

Interview Preparation
  • Preparation for interviews, including interview tips, discussion of likely interview questions and a practice “mock” interview.

Final School Selection

  • Review of admission offers and scholarship/financial aid packages.

  • Advice regarding waitlist/deferred admission strategies.


Comprehensive & Hourly Plans

Comprehensive Service: advice and support at every step of the application process for one flat fee.

Hourly Service: 

Here are some of the ways I work with clients, with typical hours. Please note: all services are customized to meet clients' requirements.  Actual time requirements vary based on individual needs. 


       “Ding Analysis” and Action Plan                                    3 hours

       Initial Strategic Planning                                                 3 hours

       Background Assessment/School Selection                 2 hours

       Resume Review                                                                2 hours

       Letter of Recommendation Counseling                       2 hours

       Essay Review and Feedback (one draft of a set)         3 hours (varies based on requirements)

       Mock Interview Preparation                                           2 hours

       Career Coaching                                                               2 hours (initial retainer)

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