High School Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors


Extracurricular Activities & Interests

  • Identify and explore academic and extracurricular interests.

  • Learn about prospective fields of study in college and careers.

  • Develop ideas for students to explore their interests and achieve deep accomplishments that build self-confidence, self-awareness and knowledge of future college and career paths.

  • Review and recommend plans for extracurricular activities, internships, academic programs and employment.


Academics & Standardized Test Planning and Preparation

  • Develop and fine tune your curriculum (courses, level, timing) to make the most of your high school years.

  • Take a strategic approach to test preparation, scheduling and reporting of the SAT, ACT, Subject Tests and other exams.


School & Program Selection

  • Identify schools that match your learning style, academic profile and aspirations, as well as other important factors, such as cost, location, school size and culture. 

  • Prepare to make the most of college visits.

High School Seniors


College Research & Targeting

  • Gain insights about the American college system and the college admissions process at public and private universities.

  • Determine "school fit" based on multiple important factors, including instructional style, values and objectives. Fine tune a short list of prospective colleges where you can thrive.  


Admissions Strategy & Application Management

  • Gain a candid assessment of your profile (including standardized test scores, academic transcript, extracurricular activities, leadership and teacher recommendations) to determine appropriate school selectivity level.

  • Mark your progress against a clear timeline with milestones for completion of all facets of applications, including tests, essay writing, recommendations and college applications.

  • Strategize whether to apply early decision or early action to schools.