Following is a partial list of clients' school acceptances to top undergraduate and graduate programs.

Below, clients share testimonials of their college admissions "journey."

School Acceptances

United States

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                                                            Stanford

Cal Tech                                                                                         University of California - Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles,     

Carnegie Mellon                                                                                                 Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

Case Western Reserve                                                                 University of Chicago

Chapman                                                                                       University of Cincinnati

Colby                                                                                              University of lllinois at Urbana-Champagne  

Cornell                                                                                            University of Michigan

Duke.                                                                                              University of Oregon (Honors program)                             

Fordham                                                                                        University of Pennsylvania

Georgia Tech                                                                                 University of Southern California

Georgetown                                                                                  University of Texas - Austin

Indiana University                                                                        University of Virginia

Miami University - Oxford, Ohio                                                University of Washington

New York University                                                                     University of Wisconsin - Madison

Northeastern                                                                                Washington University at St. Louis

Northwestern                                                                               Wesleyan

Santa Clara University                                                                 Yale

Seattle University                                                                 

UK:                                                                                                 Canada:

Cambridge University                                                                 McGill University

London Business School                                                            University of British Columbia

                                                                                                        University of Toronto

                                                                                                        University of Waterloo


“I hired Dione Chen for essay support when my son was applying for college. He had spent over a month the summer after junior year writing and rewriting his personal statement. Although the content was there, the essay lacked clarity and organization. With Dione’s expert suggestions of getting to the heart of the essay quickly, advice about writing clearly and keeping the reader engaged, and positive encouragement, he wrote an absolutely beautiful essay about perseverance in the face of many failures. In the process, my son became a better writer. I highly recommend Dione for essay support for college applications.”                          

                                           - Parent (Stanford student)


 “Dione was extremely helpful in providing me with thoughtful advice for my essays. With her assistance, I was able to add many details that I wouldn't have otherwise thought to include. This strengthening of my personal statement was crucial in helping me get into my first choice school.”                                                                         

                                            - Shelley (Tufts)

"It was a great experience working with you. Your continued guidance and support were the most helpful. College applications are extremely tedious, and definitely not something I learned how to approach from the classrooms. It really helped to have someone help me lay out a plan with a good time frame, so that I knew what to do at every step of the way. In the beginning, I was very worried about writing all the essays—I didn’t know where to start and was overwhelmed with the whole process. Through your initial student questionnaire (even though I thought it quite tedious at first), I learned how to express myself on paper. After the first page of writing, my thoughts and words flowed much easier. The best part of working with you was your feedback and editing of my essays. You really helped bring my writing to a new level with all your comments. I also appreciated your timeliness in giving feedback and editing of the essays. You’re unbelievably fast! And that helped me stay on task, which was so critical for the early action colleges.  I enjoyed working remotely—it lessened the pressure and allowed me to work at my own pace. Your reminders here and there about my timeline were very helpful…. The personalized attention I received was invaluable. If not for your advice… I’m not sure I would have gotten into my first-choice college program.  I am so glad I worked with you. Thank you, Dione!"

                                            - Brian, Student admitted to multiple accelerated dental programs and undergraduate colleges


“You were just the one to give my son that extra motivation he needed to dive into college applications with a passions. The most valuable part was your prompt and insightful feedback on his essays/personal statements. Since writing is his weakness your initial questionnaires helped him think and write about some important life experiences. Brian was fine communicating via skype and email, and since I knew you were always on top of things, I stopped worrying. I think Brian actually preferred the distance because it gave him a sense of freedom to work on his own time frame, with less pressure than if you were in the same town with scheduled meetings. Brian felt like he was in control of the partnership at all times. This brought out a maturity in him that I had never seen. I whole-heartedly recommend working with you! You made the college application process much more stress-free, gave great advice, and helped my son get into his top college choices. You did everything you said you would do, and I’m very happy with the results.”

                                             - Parent of student admitted to multiple accelerated dental and undergraduate programs 


“I wasn’t sure of what it takes to stand out from the competition when applying to schools. Luckily, Dione does know. You can count on her at every step. She’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has high standards. Plus, she really cares, and is just the right combination of encouraging and demanding. Her attention to detail, her creativity and commitment show.”                

                                             - Parent  (Washington University in St. Louis)             


 “Drawing on her previous admission experience, Dione helped me figure out what would be most compelling about my experiences to an admission committee. She provided me with crucial feedback on how to properly present myself and formulate my ideas, and as a result, gave me a much stronger personal statement to present myself with. With this, my application became significantly stronger, and I got into a top university with her help. Other programs stated that a top university would be too far of a reach, but I earnestly believe that her assistance with my personal statement allowed me to bridge this gap and succeed.”         

                                             - Michael (USC)


“I started working with Dione during the summer for my college transfer applications. I didn't even know where to begin when it came to the applications, but Dione helped me by giving me assignments with deadlines, this ensured that I was ready to submit my applications on time. She was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable whenever I spoke with her. I really enjoyed working with Dione -- she not only made me feel confident in my applications, but also in my writing, and as a person. I really liked that she would check in with me, not only with my application progress but also with my daily life. It is important, as a student, to take the time and work on whatever Dione assigns because it is only for your benefit."                             - Noor (UCSB)

“Great essay guidance-- really helped me focus my message to the reader and bring out as much of my personality as I could in the 1-page essay (or less for some schools). Dione is very skilled at connecting to you and finding what matters to you, which was super useful for answering the shorter prompts.”

                                             - Nicholas (UCLA)

“Ms. Dione has been so supportive of me ever since I received her assistance in university searching back in my Sophomore year, from long lists of universities’ pros and cons, discussions of strong topics to consider for my application essays, to contacting prospective universities about information I had asked her about. I’m now a student at my top choice university with the major I want: NYU Tisch’s game design, which I know I couldn’t have gotten into without Ms. Dione’s help. Ms. Dione is thoughtful, critical, and honest - all of which is accompanied with a determined mindset that pushed me to work harder on my university admissions. Although I lived in Thailand while Ms. Dione was in California, scheduling wasn’t too much of an issue due to Ms. Dione’s willingness to arrange plans based on how they fit my schedule - something she most definitely didn’t need to do but did anyways for my convenience. Overall, I’m incredibly thankful I had the opportunity to have Ms. Dione guide me through the admissions process and provide me with feedback that helped me strengthen my applications and get into my top choice. Regardless of whether you have a university in mind or not, Ms. Dione will definitely help you find universities that suit you and help you work towards becoming a student where you’ll thrive most.”

                                            -  Ally (NYU)